Florida(FL) Lotto Prizes and Odds

Florida(FL) Lotto Prizes and Odds
The odds of matching all 6 numbers and win the jackpot of Florida Lotto is 1 in 22,957,489. The odds of winning any prizes of Florida Lotto is 1 in 67.36.

All the prizes of Florida Lotto shown below are projected prize amounts. All the cash prizes are pari-mutuel. In the past year, the least payout of second prize was , the biggest second prize payout was . The average 2nd prize payout in the past year was $0. Find below for details of Florida Lotto prizes/odds and payout statistics.

Florida(FL) Lotto Prizes and Odds w/o Lotto Extra
Winning Numbers Prize
Odds Projected
Payout in
Past Year
Payout in
Past Year
Payout in
Past Year
JACKPOT 1 in: 22,957,480   $1 $40,000,000 $11,728,075
2nd Prize 1 in: 81,409 $5,000 $0
3rd Prize 1 in: 1,415 $70 $0
4th Prize 1 in: 70 $5 $0

Florida(FL) Lotto Prizes and Odds with Lotto Extra
Winning Numbers Prize
Odds X2
2nd Prize 1 in: 81,409 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000
3rd Prize 1 in: 1,415 $140 $210 $280 $350
4th Prize 1 in: 70 $25 $25 $25 $25
5th Prize 1 in: 8.5 Free Play Free Play Free Play Free Play

Florida Lotto has a new feature now available called XTRA which give players multiple reasons to play. The XTRA option is very similar to the Power Play option in Powerball which allows players to multiple their non-Jackpot prizes by 2, 3 or 4. It costs an additional $1 however.

A Florida Lotto playslip will have 10 game panels. This allows a player to play 10 games on a single Florida Lotto playslip.

  1. You will have to select 6 numbers from 1 to 53. You can mark the QP box if you want to terminal to randomly select the numbers for you.
  2. You can multiple you non-Jackpot prizes if you mark the XTRA box on your playslip. This option in Florida Lotto will cost an additional $1. This box will apply to all panels on your Florida Lotto playslip and will show on your ticket.
  3. You can play consecutive draws using the same numbers on Advance Play. Tell the retailer how many draws you want to play. For more information, visit the official Florida Lotto webpage.
  4. After completing your playslip, give it back to the retailer along with $1 per play or an additional $1 if you have XTRA enabled. The retailer will process the playslip and a give you a Florida Lotto ticket. Review the information printed on the ticket before you leave the retailer as Florida Lotto tickets cannot be cancelled.
  5. You should check the official Florida Lotto website to find out if you are a winner. You can go the any official Florida Lottery retailer for the latest draw results as well.
Florida Lotto drawings are held at Wednesday and Saturday nights at 11.15 pm. You can purchase tickets before 10.00 pm before each draw. The tickets can be purchases after 10.40 pm which are for the next draw.

If you claim a prize with Advance play option on, you will get a continuation ticket for you remaining draws so you Advance Play option won't get wasted.

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