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Florida Lottery was established in 1986 by authorization by voters through a constitutional amendment. The main objective of this lottery was to generate funds that would enhance the state.s education. Florida Lottery was not established just to provide funds however. Florida Lottery also had to provide its players with the best lottery games available. During its 23 year period, Florida Lottery has achieved both its goals.

The lottery was to start selling tickets by January 18th, 1986. However, Florida Lottery began selling tickets of its first game six days ahead of schedule. So this proved to be quite a busy year for the lottery.

The first game was actually a scratch off game called MILLIONARE. It exceeded $95 million in sales, so the lottery was able to pay back all the money it borrowed from the state.s general Revenue FUND for its start up.

The lottery rapidly gained popularity across the state making huge profits and adding more games. The first online games, Florida Lotto and Florida Cash 3, were launched on the same day. The lottery also became the leader of the industry when it estimated its Lotto jackpot to be around $52 million. Fantasy 5 was introduced in April, 1989 and Play 4 was introduced in July, 1991. The big game Mega Money was launched in 1998. Florida Lottery then joined the Multi-State Lottery Association, also known as MUSL, in July 2008. This enabled the Lottery to launch Powerball in July 2009. Lucky Lines was launched in October 2010.

Florida Lottery has mixed up its online games with instant win games which has proved to be quite effective in gaining interest. This has also intrigued more players to come, The instant win games have offered numerous awards, from $100000 a year for life to free tickets and merchandize. Florida Lottery became a source of entertainment for the locals as well due to this, gaining the attention it rightfully needed.

Florida Lottery contributed over $1 billion to the state.s education during its first nine years. Florida Lottery has been successful in launching various projects related to education that can help increase the total number of students and increase literacy rate. Florida Lottery represents about 6% of the state.s total education budged although it was not made to finance education entirely. The Lottery has also been successful in offering scholarship programs to aid students that cannot afford the fees of good universities. This helps the state produce effective professionals that can benefit the country and the state.

The lottery in total has given about $23 billion the state.s education. $3.2 billion worth scholarships have also been provided. Some lottery dealers have helped renovate and rebuilt schools as well.

Florida Lottery also provides its locals with dream fulfilling opportunities. The Jackpot prize is always good enough to help people make their dreams come true. Since there are so many games, there is always a good chance to win something. Florida Lottery has been successful in its years without doubt.

Florida Lottery FAQs

Can I buy Florida Lottery tickets over the internet?

It is only legal to buy the tickets in person from an authorized Florida Lottery retailer. You cannot buy it from any other source.

Where can I claim my prize from?

Prizes below $600 can be claimed at any Florida Lottery retailer. Prizes above $600 must be claimed at a Lottery district office. Prizes above $250000 must be claimed at Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee. Prizes of Powerball up to $1 million can be claimed at a Florida Lottery district office.

How do I claim my prize while being out of state?

You can claim your prize by mailing Florida Lottery.

What percentage of my prize amount will be deducted for tax?

25% of your prize greater than $5000 will be withheld if you have a social security number. 26% will be held back from any prize greater than $600 if you do not have a social security number.30% of the prize amount it deducted from all prizes of non resident aliens.

When is the Lottery website updated?

It is updated every day Monday to Friday at different times. They are updated right after every drawing as well.

How is the Florida Lottery Jackpot prize determined?

The advertised amount is actually an estimation of the total sales plus any amount rolled over from pervious Jackpots that were not won.

How long do I have to claim my prize?

For most online games, you can claim your prize within 180 days from draw date. Instant scratch off games can be claimed within 60 days. For a single lump sum payment, Jackpot winners must claim the prize within 60 days.

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